Friday, September 2, 2016

Ban Culture !

Ban hijab,
Ban naqab,
Ban the scull cap,
Ban the beard,
Ban the turban,
Ban the cross
Ban the gowns,
Ban the holy towns,
Ban all the symbols,
Criticize the naked,
Criticize the covered ones,
Criticize the half covered ones,
Ban green,
Ban white,
Ban black,
Ban saffron,
Shout on whites because they are white,
Shout on blacks because they are black,
You shout on me,
I shout on you,
Converstations are long dead,
Relations are long dead,
Decency whatever is left is dying,
Symbols are rising,
Smbols are dying too.
Kill the identity,
Complain why all are the same.
Create new identity to differentiate,
Find what is common among all.
Start courses on comparative differences.
Start fighting on the differences.
Strive for equality.
Those not ready to become equal, push them hard.
Start complaining about the equality.
Find elites amongst the equals.
Question why someone is more equal than you.
Get confused.
Confuse others.
Strive for simplicity.
It is getting complex.
Take a deep breath.
Sigh ! Alas ! Oh God !
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